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Ramona Wis

Teacher | Conductor | Author | Yogi


Teaching & Conducting

Dr. Ramona Wis is the Mimi Rolland Endowed Professor in the Fine Arts, Professor of Music, and Director of Choral Activities at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She conducts the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and North Central Chorale and teaches courses in conducting, music methods, servant leadership, and yoga practice and principles. 

You see, if I took everything I have learned about great leadership and boiled it down to one, overriding theme, it would be "It's not about me." It's not about what I can achieve or what kind of ensemble I can develop; it's about gaining an awareness of what needs to be done to develop the people I am given to lead.

Ramona Wis, The Conductor As Leader


Mona is a 500-hr. CYT/RYT (Certified/Registered Yoga Teacher) and a Certified Brain Longevity® Specialist working at the intersection of yoga, wellness, and choral conducting and pedagogy. She shares her expertise and experience in yoga workshops, conference presentations, writing for The Choral Journal, blogging for ChoralNet under “The Conductor as Leader,” or in podcast interviews.


Concerts, seminars, speaking engagements

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