How to use The Conductor As Leader in discussion groups

I have been receiving emails asking for suggestions about how to use CAL in discussions with faculty and colleagues--whether in a book group format or as a teacher in-service activity. While I am available for workshops of various kinds, I realize it might be helpful to have a companion piece to the book that can facilitate discussion and growth using the principles from CAL. I will spend time this summer thinking through this idea, but in the meantime I suggest this plan: Start with a preliminary discussion of the Prologue and Chapter 1, just to get discussion going. Follow that with a more targeted discussion, by chapter, of the "Keys" that are included under each of the spheres of leadership (Vision, Trust, Teaching, Persuasion and Character). Close with a wrap-up discussion and have each person articulate and write down some specific actions they can take to improve their leadership work with their ensembles and in their own lives.

Depending on how many people you have and how much detail you want to go into, this could take a few hours or all year, spread over several sessions. But if this is going to really "work," there must be specifics: specific issues that people struggle with and specific actions you plan to take. General discussion is nice but the effect will dissipate after a while, so be sure to back up ideas with action.

Let me know how it goes and if you would like me to come and work with you personally! And I will continue to take these ideas, and ways of implementing them, to the next level!